WebLog 250 Art.No. WebLog 250
Web enabled data logger for 250 meters
Central Unit 250 / 120 Art.No. DR001 / DR002
Web enabled data logger for 250 meters
W60 Display / W60 Logger Art.No. MR004FA / MR004DL
for 60 slaves
Masterfamily C3/20 Art.No. MR005FA / MR005DL / MR006FA / MR006DL
M-Bus Display / Datalogger for up to 3 or 20 meters
Level Converter PW250 Art.No. PW250
M-Bus levelconverter and repeater for 250 devices
Level Converter / Repeater Art.No. DR003 / DR004 / DR005 / DR006
for 120 / 250 meters
Mikro-Master Art.No. MR003 USB / MR003
Mains-independant M-Bus master with USB-Interface
Level-Converter PW60 Art.No. MR004W
M-Bus Level-Converter for 60 slaves
Level-Converter PW60 Art.No. MR004C
M-Bus Level-Converter for 60 slaves
Level-Converter PW20 Art.No. MR006 / MR006 IR
M-Bus Level-Converter for 20 slaves
Level-Converter PW3 Art.No. MR005 / MR005 IR
M-Bus Level-Converter for 3 slaves
PadPuls M1 Art.No. IM001 / IM001G
1-channel pulse adaptor
PadPuls M1C Art.No. IM001GC
1-channel pulse adaptor
PadPuls M2 Art.No. IM003G
2-channel pulse adaptor
PadPuls M2C Art.No. IM003GC
2-channel pulse adaptor
PadPuls M4C Art.No. IM002GC
4-channel pulse adaptor
AnDi 1 - AnDi 4 Art.No. MBANDI4 / MBANDI3 / MBANDI2 / MBANDI1
4-channel A/D converter
PadIn 4 Art.No. MBPADIN4
With the PadIn 4 up to four digital state indicators can be evaluated.
RelAir R2M HOME Art.No. RelAir R2M HOME
Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus gateway for more than 60 meters
RelAir R2M PRO Art.No. RelAir R2M PRO
Wireless M-Bus to M-Bus Gateway, industrial housing, internal antenna
PadPuls M2W Art.No. IM003GW
2-channel pulse to Wireless M-Bus adaptor
RelAir ICS Art.No. RelAir ICS
Wireless M-Bus Indoor temperature and humidity sensor
Modem Art.No. MOD001
analog modem for PC or data logger
M-Bus Modem Art.No. MOD002 / MOD003
analog modem for level converter
TCP/IP Converter Art.No. TCP001
Serial Device Server for Ethernet
Optical head Art.No. OK001 (RS232C) / OK004 (USB)
Ideal for mobile read out.
Slave Level Converter Art.No. PW001 / PW001G
Changes signals from a RS232C interface of a PC to the M-Bus and in reverse.
S0 Converter Art.No. KV001A
Changes 2 S0 signals into ordinary, potential free contacts.
USB-RS232 Adaptor Art.No. KV002
Adaptor USB to RS232C
M-Bus Splitter Art.No. M-BUS SPLITTER
Allows the connection of up to four M-Bus meters
Sensor THO Art.No. THO
M-Bus outside temperature and humidity sensor
Sensor THI Art.No. THI
M-Bus inside temperature and humidity sensor
M-Bus read out software
MBSheet Art.No. SW_MBSheet
M-Bus readout software
Software tool for installation and readout of Relay M-Bus displays and dataloggers
Software for slave setup
Configuration software RelAirConf
Flyer Art.No.